Helen C. Hottenbacher Award

The Helen C. Hottenbacher Service Award was created to recognize an active member who, through his or her continuous service on behalf of our Chapter, has significantly promoted or advanced throughout the state of Maryland the name recognition of our Chapter as well as financial services industry designations.


2016 Jeffrey W. Lang

2015 Laurence Seiden

2014 Trevor “Chip” Lewis

2013 Kalen Baxter

2012 Kelly Stahl

2011 Thomas Ogle, Jr.

2010 James Riley

2009 Stephen Hecht*

2008 Curt Wilkerson

2007 Samuel Hoyle

2006 Dennis Bauernschub

2005 Michael Shelton*

2004 Lyle Schill

2003 Debbi Gieseman

2002 Nelson Hyman

2001 Charles Klein

2000 Patrick Monaghan

1999 James Morgan

1998 Joseph Blair

1997 Richard Silberstein

1996 C. Ross Carozza

1995 C. Michael Snowman

1994 Salley Leimbach

1993 Frank Chandler*

1992 J. Richard Thomas

1991 Alan Hecht

1990 Richard Patterson

1989 L. Jack Barnes*

1988 Walter Houck*


* Deceased. They will remain forever in our hearts for their outstanding service.