MISSION STATEMENT (why we exist)

To foster the professionalism of Chapter members through high quality continuing education, ethical standards, and networking opportunities.

VISION STATEMENT (what success looks like)

To be the preferred choice for distinguished financial professionals

CORE VALUES (what we value)

Diverse Professional Relationships
Highest Ethical Conduct
Quality Advanced Education
Inviting/Enjoyable Experience


  1. MEMBER Perspective – How do members see us?
    1. Understand needs
    2. Providing value
    3. Professional/Ethical
  2. DEVELOPMENT Perspective – Are our members developing additional skills?
    1. Influence in the community
    2. Knowledgeable resources
    3. Networking skills
    4. Workload management
    5. Advancement opportunities
    6. Valuable training and continuing education
  3. INTERNAL PROCESS Perspective – Are we efficient and effective?
    1. Simplified organizational structure
    2. Leader succession plan
    3. Leveraging member strengths
    4. Collaboration with key organizations (Colleges, social sector)
    5. Develop and drive communication plan
    6. Financial integrity
  4. CULTURE AND CAPACITY Perspective – Are known and accessible?
    1. Inspirational leadership
    2. Good use of time
    3. Fun/Enjoyable experience

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