Upcoming Events

  • Annual Planning Meeting – All Board members Agenda: Introduction of New Board Members Board Responsibilities Financials Sponsorship Professional Development Venue/ Logistics Happy hour
    Date and Time:July 28 @ 3:00 pm Speaker:Dallas FSP / Pat Pattison Location:Maguires North Dallas
  • Texas Trustee | Kevin Quinn (trusteetexas.com)   Kevin Quinn views his role as your trustee as being similar to a conductor by orchestrating and working with your team of financial professionals and attorneys to effectively serve you, the trust maker, … Continue reading
    Date and Time:August 9 @ 11:30 am Speaker:Kevin Quinn Location:Maguires North Dallas
  • Details to come
    Date and Time:September 13 @ 11:30 am Speaker:Dallas FSP / Pat Pattison Location:Maguires North Dallas
  • Harlan Accola Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
    Date and Time:October 11 @ 11:30 am Speaker: Location:Maguires North Dallas
  • It’s estimated that 98% of women will be 100% responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. Why this matters is the subject of ‘From This Day Forward.’   Carrie Sayre About Me (carrieconsulting.com)
    Date and Time:November 8 @ 11:30 am Speaker: Location: