FSP Membership Growth Initiative-Everyone Benefits!

Member Get a Member
Is Now the
FSP Membership Growth Initiative

New name—same great benefits

The FSP Membership Growth Initiative  (formerly Member Get a Member) is an important part of our goal of growing stronger and remaining relevant.  And you are an important part of the process of getting it done. Word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective recruiting tools for organizations like FSP, and no one is in a better position to talk about the benefits of membership in FSP than you.

We encourage you to continue enriching your network and empowering the organization by bringing new members to the FSP community. You’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits of recruiting, including discounted national dues:

  • Recruit one new member to reduce your national dues by 20%, 40% for two new mebers, 60% for three, 80% for four, and free national dues for five or more new members. (Applies to your next membership year)

Ready, set, recruit!

Recruiting new members builds a stronger FSP, and everyone benefits when FSP grows. Recruiting helps you create your desired network, it builds your own expertise, and leads to more resources and support for all.

So get the conversation started! Who would you like to have as part of your network? Invite them to belong. Who do you think could benefit from membership in FSP? Invite them to belong. Talk to potential members about the benefits you derive from belonging to FSP; invite them to one of your Chapter’s events so they can see for themselves what FSP is all about.  Once started, keep the conversation going and follow up.

Visit SocietyofFSP.org for more info, guidelines, and recruiting tips