Multidisciplinary Membership Builds Relationships That Build Your Practice…
Networking with locally based financial advisors outside of the legal community brings important benefits: Attorneys can build teams with a depth and breadth of expertise. This can be especially valuable for lawyers in smaller firms with more limited resources and for younger attorneys who need to establish their own network of relationships beyond the legal community. Plus, FSP’s multidisciplinary membership gives attorneys opportunities for referrals not otherwise possible in an organization focused on one specialty.

In FSP, client referrals are easy and comfortable because of the shared commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct. So, the investment advisor in need of an attorney’s expertise in constructing a comprehensive estate plan can turn to you, a fellow FSP member, with complete confidence and trust that his or her client will be well taken care of.

…and Enhances Your Expertise with High-Quality, Diverse Education
FSP’s educational programs cover the spectrum of financial services. This builds expertise and fosters a productive exchange of ideas. It gives attorneys a deeper understanding of their clients’ issues and leads to better client service. The advantage goes to the attorney who gains insight from the perspective of the knowledgeable CPA or savvy investment advisor or experienced insurance agent when dealing with a client seeking guidance about tax planning or wealth management or risk protection.

With FSP, learning is broad-based, unbiased and practical—designed for immediate application, delivering immediate benefit.

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