About Our Chapter

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Chapter was founded in 1960.

The strength of our chapter is our robust programming.  We provide our members with quality programs, and sought after speakers at a value that is unmatched.


Programs include:

  • Chapter Luncheons
    • At local chapter events, you’ll have to face-to-face conversations with successful practitioners from multiple disciplines in your community.  The result is a bigger picture understanding of your clients’ needs and options, and a personal, go-to network of helpful, local experts to call when question arise.
    • To view local featured luncheon programs, Click Here.
  • Chapter Hosted Webinars
    • Webinar Series – high quality, live multi-disciplinary CE education available Chapter-hosted, online or on-demand.  The Chapter pioneered the popular Chapter-hosted webinar which allows for valuable networking and a group learning experience.  Continental Breakfast is included and the webinar is FREE for chapter members.  2-3 webinars per month.
  • Chapter Hosted VTC – Live Stream Video
    • In-person and online continuing education programs win top ratings from members for firsthand insights from top industry leaders.  Most programs are approved for continuing education credits for insurance, CFP, CLE, CPE, ICB, and PACE.
    • To view local featured VTC Live Stream programs, Click Here.


Membership List:

Available to members only in the National Site.


The Kenneth J. Newfarmer Meritorous Service Award is presented to that member whose significant career contributions of dedication and commitment to this Chapter, mirror those of our first Chapter President, Kenneth J. Newfarmer, CLU, ChFC, whose remarkable career spanned over six decades.

This award recognizes the meritorious service of the individual to the
financial services profession and a firm commitment to the strigent
educational, professional, and ethical business requirements upon
which the American Society was founded.

This award is not presented every year, so as to maintain the
significant nature of the recognition and to reflect the eloquence of
the career contributions of the recipient as well as those after whom
the award is named, Kenneth J. Newfarmer, CLU, ChFC.



Past Recipients: 

2013 Thomas E. Beck, CLU, ChFC
2007 Ross Borzin, CLU
2003 Bob Green, JD, ChFC, CLU
2002 Richard L. Unger CLU, ChFC, MSFS
2001 Raymond A. Silva, CLU, ChFC





Thomas E. Beck & Raymond A. Silva

Past Presidents

2016-18 Mario Santos, CLU, RICP®
2014-16 Nancy Williamson, Esq.
2012-14 Jesse Dogillo, CFP®, CLU, ChFC
2011-12 David M. Pahl, CLU
2010-11 Rod Acord, ChFC, CASL
2009-10 Sue Ferdig, CFP, CRPC, CSA, CFE
2008-09 Michael A. Tuft, CLU ChFC
2007-08 Thomas E. Beck, CLU, ChFC
2006-07 Rostam Borzin, CLU
2005-06 Daniel D. Youngs, CLU ChFC, LUTCF
2004-05 Bob Colyar, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
2003-04 Michael Stephens, CLU, CFP
2002-03 David M. Culler, CLU, ChFC
2001-02 Rostam Borzin, CLU
2000-01 Melvin J. Honda, CLU, ChFC, RHU
1999-2000 Darrell Shideler, CFP, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
1998-99 W. Thomas Wilson II, CLU, LUTCF
1997-98 Richard L. Unger, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
1996-97 Stephen M. Rice, CLU, ChFC
1995-96 Robert L. Green, JD, CLU, ChFC
1994-95 Edward W. Leon, CLU, MBA
1993-94 Walt Cardinet, CLU
1992-93 Craig Martin, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
1991-92 W. Denny Weisgerber, CLU, ChFC
1990-91 Ronald L. Engel, CLU, ChFC
1989-90 Raymond J. Triplett, CLU,ChFC, CFP
1988-89 Charles H. Nelson, CLU
1987-88 Larry V. Hughes, CLU
1986-87 Richard E. Geno, CLU, ChFC, CFP
1985-86 Richard S. Smith, CLU 
1984-85 Bernard F. Doyle, CLU
1983-84 Lawrence D. Cronin, CLU
1982-83 Thomas J. Giuffre, CLU 
1981-82 Harry Hamilton, CLU, ChFC
1980-81 B. Michael Anderson, CLU, ChFC
1979-80 Leonard D. Byler, CLU
1978-79 Harry Schoenfeld, CLU, ChFC
1977-78 Richard J. Nolan, CLU
1976-77 James U. Hall, CLU 
1975-76 Thomas N. Burkhart, CLU, ChFC 
1974-75 Ted F. Schenk, CLU, ChFC
1973-74 U.R. Kendree, Jr., CLU
1972-73 Raymond A. Silva, CLU, ChFC
1971-72 Donald V. Roller, CLU
1970-71 William M. Birkel, CLU
1969-70 Vincent N. Baxter, LL.B., CLU
1968-69 Stanley W. Schember, CLU
1967-68 Erland Reuter, CLU
1966-67 Robert T. Heckley, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
1965-66 Maurice F. Dullea, CLU
1964-65 Raymond F. Triplett, CLU
1963-64 Walrave Boissevain, CLU
1962-63 Emmons Coogan, CLU
1961-62 Ray K. Farris, CLU
1960-61 Kenneth J. Newfarmer, CLU, ChFC



Peninsula Chapter Past Presidents

2000-03 Ronald S. Collins, CLU
1998-2000 Kirk P. Dryden, CLU, ChFC
1997-98 Sharon L. McConnell, CLU
1995-97 Joseph H. McKane, CLU
1994-95 Wayne C. Deutscher, CLU, ChFC
1993-94 Peggy A. Dessert-Martin, CLU, FLMI
1992-93 Robert E. Dooley, CLU, ChFC
1991-92 Charlotte L. Jackson, CLU, ChFC
1990-91 Irvin H. Parolari, CLU, ChFC
1989-90 Bruce F. McGuirk, CLU, ChFC, CFP
1988-89 Floyd L. Cotton, CLU
1987-88 Phillip G. Gresham, CLU, ChFC
1986-87 Robert R. Jones, CLU, DBA
1985-86 Karl G. Wuttke, CLU, ChFC
1984-85 William D. Barkhau, CLU, ChFC 
1983-84 Joseph F. Ouellette, CLU
1982-83 Edward D. Garcia, CLU, ChFC
1981-82 James J. Barrett, CLU, ChFC
1980-81 Gene M. Kronberg, CLU 
1979-80 Richard E. Haas, CLU
1978-79 Patrick J. Goodenough, CLU, ChFC
1977-78 Emmett W. MacCorkle, CLU
1976-77 Joseph H. Pickering, CLU, ChFC
1975-76 Charles L. Miller, CLU 
1974-75 Charles O. Vau Dell, CLU
1973-74 R. Douglas Willard, CLU
1972-73 Robert Ronald, CLU, ChFC
1971-72 Harrison L. Primes, CLU 
1970-71 Bernard A Britts, CLU, ChFC
1969-70 Gene M. Kronberg, CLU
1968-69 George H. Cameron, CLU
1967-68 Robert B. Williams, CLU
1966-67 Reginald W. Rice, CLU