Bob Johnson Receives Warm Welcome at Toledo Chapter

Bob Johnson, PhD, CFA, CAIA is President and Chief Executive Officer  of The American College of Financial Services.  Bob came to Toledo on May 18th to present an education program based on his book Invest With the Fed.  His presentation was humorous yet informative, as he gave insight into his years of research on portfolio management and investment planning.

Each attendee received a free copy of his book, and Bob was kind enough to stay after to have one-on-one discussions with participants, as well as personalize and sign copies of his book.  Many attendees were overheard commenting tht Bob was one of the best presenters to come to Toledo.

The Program Committee strives to provide quality education for our members, and this is one example of the results of that effort. Please be sure to attend the Continuing Education programs of 2017-18 for more outstanding speakers.

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